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I’m looking to get hired! I want a fun,dynamic,creative job! This is my interactive online c.v
Check it out! See all the things I am capable of doing. Have a job for me?

DawnaMarieWright(@) google-plus-logo

Good Day!

Being somewhat unconventional and not being in the ‘traditional’ workforce for 15 yrs I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to bring my innate curiosity along with fresh, creative energy to a position and apply it to due tasks required. Like a duck to water, dare I say, I’m a born natural that you will find reflected in my online presence and projects stated within my c.v.

I like to think that  I’m much more interesting in person than online paper so I hope I have peaked your curiosity to learn more about me and how I may be of use. Should you feel I’m a potential candidate for a position you need filled, I look forward to meeting you in person to discuss further.

I like black coffee and/or a cuppa tea with coconut sugar.

I also like liquid chlorophyll with hot water in my favorite girl

Warm Regards,  Dawna 

brain_on_firedawna2This is what I look like when my #BrainIsOnFire    

  #GeekInDisguise? and I do  it all on a PC! Imagine what i could do if I had a Mac!

I’m also a Blackberry user….Until I can upgrade to an Android.:)linkedintwitterm8rix


Cell: Upon Request

Dawna Marie Wright

~ ONline & IN The World ~



·         * Produced, Directed, Hosted 3rd party fundraisers for War Child, Alberta TO Flood Relief, The Teresa Group, The Vegetarian Food Bank.

      * Event Organizer for Seminars/Classes -Acting/VoiceOver

·        *Creator, Website builder,Writer, Producer, Videographer, Editor, Content creator and curator,

     *Community Manager for The Burger Broads – a docu-reality t.v show currently being pitched (The



In the summer of 2011 this project IDEA was born in the back alley of a burger joint that is no longer in business 😦

  I recruited, researched, planned,scheduled and executed the video shoots while having many delicious encounters with all kinds of burgers across the GTA..

…and a few out of town too!

Experience (cont-d)                                                                                                                                     

Content curator, website builder, band manager, booker, photographer,e-poster designer, videographer, editor for SDD

LEE's Palace jan12

Experience (cont-d)


This is Torkel the Four Eyed Toad
All he does is whine, whine, whine
But then he meets Lorelei the Butterfly
who teaches him instead to rhyme, rhyme, rhyme

2 of many characters who live inside PoLLy PoE’s SiLLy StOry-PoEm’s

PoLLy PoE! is my writer name. I write, make the pictures and have read/performed these too

Visit the website! I made it. It’s fun!


·       *Highly organized with excellent attention to detail, able to write, edit/re-write general content to a style suitable to the site’s online audience.

·      * Insatiable Curiosity-Web 2.0 –SM Savvy

·       *Very proficient with Vegas Movie Studio, Photoscape, Word, Wix, WordPress and Excel

·       Multi-tasking and a quick learner to new programs

·       *Initiative. Team Leadership. Team Player. Work well on my own too.


College Diploma, High school Diploma, Various acting classes,(Meisner, Chekhov, Stanislavski) and improv classes, Film education classes and  Life. My curiosity leads the way.

 Fun Facts from the past:

* Besides being in short films, feature films, t.v and commercials I have been a stand-in for Drew Barrymore, Anne Heche, and Kim Cattrall to name a few.

*Award winning speech writer/public speaker in public school ­
* Public School President
* Backup vocalist for an 8 member rock pop band
* While In high school, I worked in the Audio/Visual Department at the local Library.
Remember Laser Discs?!



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