6 months in a (Musical) nutshell.Sayonara 2014

Wow! it’s been 6 months since i have caught up with myself.It’s also been 6 mos.of being obsessed and not having enough hangin’ with friends / social time. I  never make New Year’s resolutions but THAT IS one I have already made for the coming year.Never say Never as They say.. < they? Hang out? do what? let’s create and make!

I have had ‘band manager‘ on the brain,I can’t talk about anything else.Kinda makes me boring to be around, I suppose. I’ve been reluctantly swimming in the waters for the past 2 years but now I am actually beginning to like it and love it .I think I’m good at it too.There’s something about strategizing, making plans,coming up with ideas,executing and seeing them through that gets me off.It’s second nature to me to be 24/7 and insatiably curious..curious about the business,I’ve been learning fast being the silent partner,the 5th member of the band therefore I thought it only made sense since I’ve been swimming in the waters that I dive deep and take a class. I enrolled online to Berklee College of Music- 6 wk Introduction to the Music Biz and if one thing I have learned so far, like the acting biz, you have to be crazy..crazy about it. Crazy is Good.I like Crazy…and Who wants to live without Music in their Life?

With the digital landscape being like the wild,wild,west especially when it comes to the music business..it’s a place for anyone who has chutzpah and doesn’t necessarily follow the rules.rules? what rules? 😉 Funny how things have a way of transpiring. When I was a young girl, i wanted to be a Rock Star..not a singer,not a musician but a RockStar. (sort of got my wish years later as a B/U singer in a local Toronto band before they disassembled and went their separate ways)  HA! PFFT!. i thought to myself…get a REAL  job, so I thought acting was a real job but like anything in Life It’s not a job if you love what you do. Acting ..or rather auditioning is the job.. to get the job…and I am so over ‘auditioning’ but yet I still do the circuit, do the rounds b/c i just might fall into something that will make me fall in love with it all over again and truth be told..make some good coin….Oh, what an actor will do for $$ ..and call it ‘acting’…If anything, after all these years,acting has taught me a lot about myself,other people,the human condition and has afforded me some memorable experiences with some talented people but i’m tired..no, not tired.BORED.bored of being a ‘gun for hire’. It’s more satisfying to MAKE THINGS ..MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! .and ..be involved from the inside and behind the scenes and even though this all may sound like a melancholy whine,it’s not.

hmm. Melancholy Whine..< good name for a band!

In October,when there was the looming threat of Toronto’s iconic and legendary El Mocambo closing her doors FOREVER, I felt I had to DO SOMETHING to help her go out with a Rock’n’Roll bang and in less than a month I pulled it together and pulled a 3 band night off.

El Mo Oct 16th -Final

Good news since then. Michael Wekerle of Dragon’s Den fame and other things who’s also a  ROCKSTAR in his own right saved the day at the 11th hr.Simply AWESOME!

I can feel it. I just know that something good is going to happen. I don’t know when.

Let’s do some CLOUDBUSTING! <OMG! i forgot Donald Sutherland was in this video!

So..as I go on here I can see that the Music Industry is calling my name. All I know is I HAVE to be a part of it. somehow.someway.

Anybody hiring?! Cause I’ve got ideas! CLICK>  m8rixproductionslogo1

On THAT note…

The IT factor….














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