it was a Jampacked what?

The month of June was very busy for me and now that it has come and gone I have time to recap/reflect/recuperate and replenish…and write. Be forewarned.This blog post is jampacked with hotlinks (Orange ones) for those who are curious to swim in the m8rix:) Pay no attention to the Green hotlinks (free blog hosting= advertising)

Leading up to June I was in the thick of it putting together a music mini-doc for SDD


to coincide with their 5 song EP release as well as organizing a photoshoot for them and helping to promote the June 13th Packing Pistol Grooves event alongside A Levy Product.

Now in it’s 15th year, then it was straight into Moses Znaimer’s* IdeaCity*   where it was my fourth year volunteering the 3 day conference with the Live webcast crew under the mastery of the Webcast Producer and so much more,McLean Greaves.

This year I had the opportunity to act as Floor PA while in other years I was a Cam Op.I loved it! I love being a part of it all and i love the thrilling  rush of being LIVE. No take one take  two or threes!!. It’s such a great crew of fun, down to earth people in front of the camera and behind the camera.Being Floor PA put me closer to the attendees and interview guests and also gave me the opportunity to run around with my phone camera and tweet pics.

This is Joel Goldberg and McLean Greaves.Sometimes Life does have a way of re-connecting people from my past.Once upon a time when I was a go-go dancer I was in a music video he directed for Dream Warriors (My Definition) and it seems even though many years have passed none of us have aged:) Joel and McLean

For all the IdeaCity 2014 pictures click here

When the webcast crew weren’t  on duty I was able to catch some of the speaker presentations which is always a perk:) One of my favorites was Amy G– a Vaudevillian-comical cabaret Goddess.

amy gAnother one of my favorite presentations was by Ariel Garten and her MUSE.This brain sensing headband is going to be huge! you must check it out to see what it is all about. I was thrilled to see her presenting as I know her from the art-party/ designer days and this Big Brain Goddess is a force to be reckoned with.

Here she is with another Big Brain Goddess and co-host of the IC webcast,Ramona Pringle.ariel and ramona

THEN… it was time to gear up for World Pride-Toronto.This year was the first time Toronto hosted World Pride  since its inception in Rome (2000) ,Jerusalem (2006) and London (2012) The next World Pride will be held in Madrid (2017).  It was just as  exciting to be behind the scenes this year instead of in the thick of it.Over the years I have been in the parade/on a float, in the midst of Parade partiers and was even the host/interviewer for the 25th Anniversary in 2005 for the Toronto Pride Parade video. With microphone in hand and a video crew following my alter ego around, ( Rich, my friends call me Dick, my special friends call me Rich Dick)


 I asked politicians such as David Miller– (Mayor of Toronto), tv personalities such as Rick Mercer from “This Hour has 22 Minutes”,gay men, drag queens, lesbians, volunteers, straight people and  parade watchers where they were and what they were doing 25 years ago. Where and what were you doing 25 years ago? Me? I was lypsynching/singing along with Pat Benatar and Blondie in my bedroom.

This year (2014)was just as special as I helped out Bighead Murals with decorating various venues around the city,

one of them being Dundas Square.bigheadmurals

   Prior to all that, the week before I was tracing,cutting and  painting for the organization Franco Queer 

with Jason J.Brown and made over 50 rainbow Trilliums and other parade party paraphernalia.franco queerPhew! it’s all been a blast so for now while I recharge my batteries by bike riding,nature walks with the dog me and capone me and capone1

and gardening.. and ramping up for The Method Weekend Workout July 12&13 that i have organized for Alan C.Peterson ( few spots are still available.make contact w/me for more info if interested) i leave you with this video that i submitted for the TVO doc contest back in March. I did not win but I want people to meet these kids. They are one of a kind, smart, genuine,down to earth and a famIily run business.

Ok Universe! Summer’s not over yet.What else do you have for me? Bring it on! I am hoping to get in a trip to Niagara Falls with our bikes on the go-train, visit my mom in Hamilton and take Capone with us  to  a secret little beach in Port Colborne for a day of picnicking and swimming and then maybe even go camping somewhere north.

Sigh… Summer is never long enough.



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