Experimenting and Stretching My Self

Well,I did it! I did it! i DID it! I submitted a 5 min documentary to TVO for a contest they are holding.If I get in the running I have the chance to: 1.Have the doc aired on TVO

2.Win an industry pass to Hot Docs between April 24th- May 4th

and MOST IMPORTANTLY, to have the opportunity to spend a day work shopping the doc with Peter Raymont. ( Award Winning Fimmaker) docu dawna1                             My subject? “The Future of Local Agriculture:YOUTH”.

I’ll be able to divulge more about this at a later date.

Now,that that consuming obsession has been satiated I’m onto other missions.Recently, I found out that there is a commercial building too close to where i live that is being converted into a rooming house.(it used to be a pizza place..and horrible pizza  i might add.So horrible we called it ‘glue pie’. We were warned but had to try it.Once.)

I don’t have anything against rooming houses.However,there are already 2 in the vicinity and this proposed particular location has been nothing but trouble since we moved into the neighbourhood a couple of years ago….garbage,noise and unsavoury characters loitering about at all hours of the day and night.There’s more to this story to strengthen the case (a nearby school and a community centre for the elderly to name a few) and it seems to me the  people who live around here are  too passive to get involved,either because they don’t speak English very well,or are afraid or just can’t be bothered and would rather keep to themselves so i took the liberty to act upon this matter and be a leading voice for action/change. I’ve taken pictures, written up a petition and am going door to door to get signatures and will send it off to the Councillor who represents this community and neighbourhood.

DSC_0021             DSC_0023

Never in my life have i gotten politically involved like this but now is as good a time as any. And it feels good. I do like to cause Good trouble;) may Erin Brockovich be with me!

For the past few months i have been organizing a METHOD weekend acting class with Alan C.Peterson and through the course of it all it has reconnected me with my first teacher, Miriam Laurence.

I audited a class recently and it felt good to be ‘Home’. Watching the students get up and do their thing showed me how much i have grown,even as a person, since first studying with Miriam 20 years ago. She also showed me a documentary she made about Madeleine Sherwood at The Actors Studio,a teacher she studied with in NYC.

Madeleine Sherwood is a Montreal born Force of Nature who is probably most known for her portrayal as Mae Pollitt in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” with Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman and Reverend Mother Superior Placido in “The Flying Nun” with Sally Field.

Miriam hasn’t been able to release it yet due to license agreements etc so I am going to help her take care of that business because this documentary needs to be seen.Especially by the acting community.

In other news: Lawrence’s band > SDD <


has set a CD release date! June 13th.more details TBA. It’s been a long time in coming and i can’t wait to help go forward with licensing and publishing:)

Now for the experimenting part of this blog post. i find as i am getting older, I’m not very comfortable with being ‘Myself’ on camera so I made a little video for the fun of it.

Here’s to always experimenting,stretching and growing:)




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