Entertaining myself

I’ve been keeping busy while keeping busy.Entering writing contests for my children’s material as well as submitting my material to a top children’s publishing house.

I have been feverishly working on a 5 min doc that i’m submitting to a TVO doc contest in the next couple of weeks.Filming and editing these days seems to keep me satisfied as well as re-writing a 20 page script that  i will be holding a first script reading with actors at the end of the month.

I also had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to edit an actor’s reel and film/ edit a children’s play by No Porpoise Productions. Oddjobbin’ it and loving it..a  few times this past month I helped set dec with Big Head Murals decorating a couple nightclubs for promoters throwing parties.Can never have enough red disco balls or helium balloons! Making spaces festive is fun and satisfying while being conscientious of sponsorship material even if all that work has to be taken down the next day.

All this while I patiently wait for THAT job to happen that i cannot speak of yet.So,while I keep myself busy keeping busy (besides shoveling and more shoveling) I filmed yesterday/edited today.. a  winter day in the life of a #CANADIANGIRL.

How else do you keep yourself entertained?


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