Is it summer yet?! OY!

only 39 days til Spring! yes. I am counting.We are only in the second month of 2014 and the second week of February and i am going cuckoo!!cuckooIt hasn’t been an easy winter with too much snow,blackouts and deaths of friends and acquaintances but i did manage to ring in the New Year with fire before the fire department showed up:)

I can’t wait to shed the layers,go barefoot,do some gardening,go bike riding and complain about how hot is. just kidding,I never complain about the heat.

The sunshine that i am able to produce in these dismal months of winter to feed the  denial is wearing thin no matter how busy i keep myself.Besides a lot of shoveling,shoveling and shoveling I have been coordinating a Method Acting Weekend Intensive with Alan C.Peterson in which we held the first session late January and because there was such great response we are doing another one In March.If all goes really well it will become a regular thing. I have also joined in on a non-profit foundation project that I will be able to talk more about when it goes Live in the next couple of months.

In the beginning of January, I sent off a query to a children’s publisher regarding my pseudonymn PoLLy PoE! and created an Amazon Bookstore and now patiently await…..well, actually,not so patient am I as it could take up to six months to get a reply. sigh, So as to not obsess about that I have been planning the next Burger Broads adventure as it looks like I will have to do it myself.

I’ve put out inquiries to production companies that i thought would be a good fit but 3 months later and still no response..(nada.. no acknowledgement whatsoever) drives me crazy– and makes me put on my Robert Evans hat .. am i being impatient to await replies? I`ve only been living with this idea for 3yrs now and it`s TIME! I wanted to keep it in Canada being a Canadian Girl and all, however I think it`s an idea that our burger loving U.S cousins will eat up faster and without hesitation ..and to be honest there’s more of a market for Burger Broads there than here in Canada.. too bad. so sad, so… i am looking into American production companies while also planning the raising of funds to go about it independently if all else is a bust.

helpNot everything has been work as i know it’s important to feed the spirit. Over the course of these past few winter months I managed to go to a George Stroumboulopoulos taping at the CBC with good friends Jojo and Sharon dreamy trioand also the AGO with friends to see Wei Wei and David Bowie.. (5 times! it was that spectacular!) and the Guggenheim exhibit. Liss Gallery in Yorkville was also hosting the works of Dr. Seuss that i managed to see on the last day of the exhibit. Years ago, I saw a showing of his work in Sausalito, S.F at a small little gallery on the boardwalk and this time it was just as magical and inspiring as I remember.

dr suessI am part of a walking/hiking group that i join in on when schedule permits and last Sunday we did a 3.5 hr winter hike through the Toronto ravines.It was good for the spirit and good exercise. My muscles were sore the next day! Being in the middle of the woods in the middle of the city where the snow is unadulterated is a photographers dream and a blanket of sanctuary for the rest of us city folk.

hikersSo besides keeping busy and engaged online and in the world, my volunteering and job hunting has begun to pay off but until I am in the thick of it with more to talk about,mum’s the word:)

Until then.. I’ll still be shoveling.. with beer in hand:) #CanadianGirl style!


Remember.. ” Sanity is the playground for the UNimaginative”

yourad here


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