#SMWTO -Social Media Week-Toronto

I’ve been acting like a spy /journalist this past week because that’s what I am: an actor.a spy.an insatiably curious creature….and currently w/out cash flow so to keep myself busy,engaged and open to the power of possibilities   I  attended some #SMWTO panel discussions and talks last week,drinking way more coffee than i’m used to, taking notes,jotting things down that inspire me or piss me off.< I guess those two are one in the same.Sometimes things that piss me off inspire me to write.

What is Social Media Week,you ask? It’s a worldwide event that happens simultaneously around the world twice a year in places like  Miami,Mumbai,L.A,London,Chicago,Berlin,Bogota,São Paulo and right here in our very own Toronto to name but  a few. Now in it’s 5th year, it’s about ideas and trends and the changes happening in our society,culture and business all because of the hyper-connected way in which we now communicate.Very exciting!

We are living and experiencing one of the biggest shifts when it comes to communication in human history and I sure am glad to be alive and living in it. *Online & In The World* -A person with insatiable curiosity…that’s me! I like to learn things,keep up as much as humanly possible with what’s happening in the wild wild web and in general listen to the pulse of my fellow human beings no matter what industry they are in.IMG-20130924-00410

Did I mention? It was all free! There were literally hundreds of events and topics in and around the city. Here are the sessions I  attended.  Comedy is the Currency of The Internet,CBC Investigates the Second Screen,The Role of Media in Social Media,The Digital Classroom,Web-Series Wednesday,Avatar Secrets:Trailer PremierSocial Media: Career Opportunities in a Dynamic New Industry,The Democratization of Story-telling, and The Future of Online News.

All delicious and nutritious food.!brain_on_firedawna2


So, where to start to share my SMW adventures with you?! I think i will have to break it down into 3 or 4 parts. My intention was to be a fly on the twitter wall, listen in on sessions..and NOT write. Ha!  Before I knew it, catchy phrases and quotes were being jotted down in my notebook  along with my own thoughts and musings of the panel discussions like I was being a reporter for…. I don’t know.. posterity?


What got my goat and inspired to write was a presentation by @RichardKanee of Creative D Inc. talking about the Role of Media in Social Media.The title of the presentation had me curious thinking it would be perhaps about the responsibility of media in social media. Instead, it was a showcase of digital trading cards (Decksi), online digital games and new entertainment products for digital fans. I guess this is where I’m old fashioned and not as forward thinking as I thought?. I just don’t understand why people want to pay for virtual things like trading cards when you can’t hold it,smell it,taste it. It seems to me that the big brains creating this kind of digital technology could if they chose to, to create something beneficial for the evolution of humanity instead of nurturing and re-enforcing a consumeR mindset and capitalizing on Identity Status.

It all reminded me of my very brief Small Business Ventures course I took a few years ago where I was in a classroom of people who were only about making  money…not thinking about their impact on the future..or what they have to SAY or what they STAND for. They wanted to make the next Pet Rock which btw was a 70’s fad that is alive and well again.(sigh)

Well, that’s just me.I am conscious of what I consume. I’m sure Decksi will be a big success but I won’t be buying into it. I’ll be outside in the real world breathing fresh air and  playing with my friends in the Sunshine.

My next blog post is going to be about SM Snobbery.




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