SM Snobbery /BB vs. iPhones

I admit it.Proudly.I’m a BB user.Have been for about 3yrs now since upgrading my phone from a flip-top. Remember those? Does anyone still use those?

I think my neighbor’s 70yr old Aunt does.For her, it’s a phone.nothing more.nothing less.It does exactly what she needs it to do.She’s not interested in texting.She doesn’t want to take pictures and/or upload them to SM sites,watch videos or play ‘silly’ time wasting games. She just wants to talk and she wants to hear a voice on the other end.She also has a land line because as she says,her mobile phone is for when she is on the move and the land line is a security measure in case she loses or misplaces the mobile phone which happens more than she’d like to admit.

Last week I met up with a friend to go see Ai Wei Wei and then go for a light lunch to catch up with each other as we hadn’t seen or spoke to one another in over a year.Her phone rang and as she pulled it out of her purse i couldn’t help but exclaim “you have a blackberry!” She responded “ya, everyone makes fun of me but I like the buttons‘. It seems blackberry users are a dying breed. When I partook in various events during  SMWTO  (see previous post) i came across only one person who also had a BB.She was, I’m guessing, around 35yrs. I also had some lively debates with people about smart phones and some were quick to say they used to be a bb user but eventually made the switch because of the phone timing out and/or freezing. Admittedly, I too have that problem yet I am not so quick to upgrade.I like the buttons.i like the keyboard.My thumbs need  to feel the buttons as i’m texting. I’ve used my husbands LG phone that is a touchscreen soft keyboard but i end up spending more time correcting than communicating.How he texts efficiently I don’t know because his fingers are bigger than mine but then again he doesn’t text as much as i do.

So,Why are people such snobs when it comes to mobile devices? particularly iPhone users.
It reminds me of the bullshit schoolyard politics in high school where if you weren’t donning the latest fashionable pair of shoes or jeans you were considered uncool and practically ostracized.Maybe some of us had parents who couldn’t afford it.Maybe some of us were actually more interested in learning and doing than being cool or popular.

Are we really all so caught up in the latest marketing ploys for the newest,brightest,best version yet of something that was released only months before?

….and what about the waste?! Much like vehicles there are more cellphones in graveyards than there are people on the planet. If you consider yourself  a Global Citizen and give a damn about the world you live in check this site out.
Not only about recycling but “upcycling” to help the environment and save lives.

When my bank account allows me to ‘upgrade’ to a new phone it won’t be an iPhone. I like the qwerty hard keyboard and the option of touchscreen for other uses, that I’ll be looking into an Android where the apps are not exclusive but rather inclusive and integrating. I love my BB Curve and I love,being Canadian, that Blackberry Limited formerly known as RIM, is a Canadian company and was a pioneer in wireless innovation (1999) but yes, the OS is frustrating at times but for now I make the most of what  I have at my fingertips.. It’s not what you have.It’s what you do with it that matters.Communicate.

Have your say. I would love to listen to your thoughts and if so inclined tell me what kind of mobile device you use.



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