*Canadian Girl* NACHOS-recipe… and other things

Well…the summer weather has been less than stellar this year. There was Juneuary and Augtober and now it’s  Sobertember  already. Ick.ack.ugh.waaaaaaaa:( Where did the summer go? Summer is always too short and i’ve yet to figure out a viable means of living somewhere warm all year long where pollen producing plants /weeds don’t get the best of me.

Normally, I do  a lot of biking and/or road tripping but this summer that didn’t happen as we are now without a vehicle due to a car accident back in May.We’ve rented a car a few times but it’s just not the same without the spontaneity of just picking up and going when we feel like it or when it suits our schedule. That being said,I’m glad to have a backyard and garden to tend to and a dog to walk. I also managed to lay a 9×9 patio in the backyard with some help from friends.This is a before and after.pat


We’ve had many a backyard campfire with good friends and neighbors to share it with and I am already thinking about next summer,but of course:)

The acting biz has been dismal for me this summer.I’ve had auditions here and there but no cigars. I’m pretty used to this volatile,cyclical business so i am pretty good at finding other means of making money and make work projects:) I have come on board for a new media project (which i cannot disclose at the moment) as a writer in which I can now say I AM a ‘professional’ writer because I got paid! I’ve always been a writer.That I know. ….but to get paid for it was a little nerve wracking.It was that old anxious feeling of writing an essay for school and then waiting to be graded on it except this was not a letter grade.It was money.And it felt great once i saw that money in my bank account.In this case,money equaled validation.   I look forward to doing more,writing more and being able to spill the beans when the time comes because I’m thrilled to be part of something that is going to be a game changer in the land of web.

webcast crewBack in June, I also got to once again volunteer as Live Web Cast Cam Op for IdeaCity 2013,my 3rd year in a row,this time working under the direction of Joel Goldberg.He’s a great director and i loved having him in my ear:) Funny life can be,because once upon a time i was a dancer for a few music videos that he directed back in the day when I was  a go-go dancer.phoe

Speaking of go-go dancers and particularly, The Phoenix Concert Theatre, I ‘ve teamed up with long time friend,Josie D’acres to make a documentary about the clubs glorious heydays and the people who made it so. We both pretty much grew up in the club scene and when it was over we realized we didn’t have much to show for it except for some interesting stories and fascinating people we met along the way whom with some we also made life lasting friendships. This is just the beginning and we’ve already done some interview filming knowing that this is a labour of love which will be quite a long time in the making.Flyspy3

Visit FLY SPY PRODUCTIONS for more info.

In other news,I have begun the process of seeking out production companies to help The Burger Broads become a docu-style reality show as has been my intention all along…which also means I am no longer shooting or editing the videos and keeping up with social media posts or blog writing.It’s time for this baby to fly and grow in the hands of someone else.It also means i am not eating as many burgers as I have over the past couple of summers:) Onward and forward! and a few less pounds.

Lawrence,the love of my life, has been doing some band gigs around town with his band SDD.They have a gig coming up Sept 13th at The Mod Club ( a fundraiser for a dog rescue shelter) sept13modcluband he just found out that a film he worked on “Empire of Dirt”  directed by Peter Stebbings and produced by Jennifer Podemski will be premiering at TIFF on Sept 6th.

Seems like Fall is going to be hotter than Summer was;)

Well, that’s all for now… until next time.. Happy Travels! and leave a comment,let me know what you’ve been up to!badgirls

……and last but not least..

My last blog post,a recipe for *Canadian Girl* Potato Salad was such a big hit with those who tried it I thought i would share another recipe that i came up with sticking with the ‘Canadian Girl’ theme.this one..NACHOS! It’s not for the health conscious but it is for those who are bored with the same ol’ plate of nachos.

*Canadian Girl* Nachos-Meaty Nachos


* 1pkg (500 g) of PC Double Smoked Thick Cut  Baconm820008_PCDoubleSmokedBacon_ENFR

* 2-3 lbs of  fresh ground beef

* 1 bag of Tostitos Scoops

* 2 Tomatoes-diced

* 1 large package of Shredded Cheese- Mozza/Cheddar mix

Fry  the bacon in a separate pan.Cook it until soft but not crispy.

Cook the beef in separate pan and add all these spices..taste to liking as you go.

 – Sea Salt,Black Peppercorn Pepper,Chili Garlic Sauce,Hot Sauce,Garlic Puree,Italian seasoning,Savory and Sage

While the beef is cooking cut up the bacon into good bite size squares.

When the ground beef is almost done toss the bacon into the pan along with the bacon grease.(You might think this is too much or too greasy but it’s part of the secret 🙂 and then toss in the diced tomatoes.

ok, so you know when you order Nachos in a restaurant and there is never enough of the good stuff  compared to the portion of Nacho chips? This is why the 1 bag of the Tostitos scoops.

When preparing, first layer the plate/platter with nachos,then the meat,then the shredded cheese and top it off with more nachos… and then repeat so that you have 2-3 layers.

Tostitos scoops are fun albeit salty so of course feel free to use whatever kind of nacho chips you desire.The point here is that you have lots of stuff ..stuff…more than chips…hmm..so maybe you will want 2 bags afterall:)


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