I AM Canadian!

I have never really thought of myself as being patriotic.I have always considered myself to be more of a “Citizen of the World”,or a “Student of Life” that came from the stars.


Yes,I am grateful and consider myself Lucky that I happened to be born in Canada than anywhere else on Earth. Regardless of some of my Country’s past atrocities and current ones like Stephen Harper I do recognize just how awesome Canada is and it is because of the diverse people who inhabit it from the west to the east,to the cities,small towns and rural areas and everything in between.

A few months ago little did I know that upon meeting a friend of a friend would I end up getting involved in a fundraiser for The Alberta Flood here in Toronto.I met Frazer on Queen St with our mutual friend Sue and we just somehow hit it off with witty banter and lots of laughs so of course, we became Facebook friends.Then, a few weeks ago he put out a request looking for bands to jump on board for the fundraiser.Being the den mother to SDD I immediately replied and said they would do it and also offered up my help to make it all happen.

And happened it did!

toalberta poster for frazer

Note: Johnny Gardhouse had a family emergency and could not attend,so my Leader and partner in causing some good trouble,Frazer, took over the duties.

This was the night that I awakened,so to speak, and owned up proudly realizing that not only do I think i am all that i stated earlier but also, I AM CANADIAN.

The tag line for the fundraiser was…” What happens to One Canadian happens to ALL Canadians” ….Not just a tagline.The truth.

Our friends and families in Alberta were hit hard a few weeks ago with floods that wreaked a lot of havoc and damage and they are still dealing with it. Never mind the flash flood we Torontonian’s got just a few days before the fundraiser at the Cadillac Lounge.Yes, it was damaging and a pain in the ass along  with the blackouts that happened but nothing in comparison to Alberta.

Which sort of brings me to another point.. Sometimes I hear that we Torontonian’s think we are the center of the Universe and that we only care about our own city,our own province.

What seems to be overlooked or forgotten is that for the most part WE Torontonian’s have landed here from somewhere else..another country,another province,another city, small town etc, to work,make money,make things happen, make dreams come true for ourselves… and others.

So with that being said, it felt good to be able to help in any way I could, helping to help others,particularly my fellow Canadians. I was gushing with pride when I saw the performers onstage who by the way were all local Toronto musicians on the scene and Lowest of the Low,one of the most influential bands on the Canadian alternative music scene in the early 1990s headlined!, all doing their thing because they too wanted to be able to help in some way.


A friendly, eclectic bunch of  over 150 people  came out in such short notice to lend support with their money,hearts and ears and helping #TOAlberta Relief to raise just over $2200 for The Canadian Red Cross.

And that’s how we Canadian’s roll. Rock’n’roll!

SO…..If you are looking for A project leader specializing in Olympic size projects, marketing activations, sponsorships and digital campaigns and more, Frazer Hadwin is your man.Connect with him on LinkedIN.

See him in action in this video I put together of the evening at the #TOAlberta Relief fundraiser.


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