*Canadian Girl* Potato Salad-recipe

In the  summer months  of Canada,( which for me is the beginning of June  til  the end of August) i love making salads.All kinds of salads.Much like making soup in the winter months anything goes with whatever it is at hand..throw it in! no recipe per say needed..taste as you go.be creative.experiment.

With That rule about No rules, I came up with a potato salad recipe that everyone i know who has had my Potato Salad loves and always wants and asks for  more. I am not a cook,I am not a chef. I like to make things and see what happens and I like to eat tasty food!

People have been asking me what the recipe is and i have been reticent about giving it up because it’s not a follow the recipe,recipe.. but I do  like to share so I’ll do my best to share.

From there..make it your own.

Canadian Girl Potato Salad

*figure out how many people you are feeding and add ingredients accordingly.

The following is based on a  bag of mini potatoes.(you know the ones i’m talking about)

* boil potatoes.any potatoes.mini work best.if not mini, regular potatoes are best cut in quarters before boiling..heck.. even if they are mini potatoes they do well cut in half.

*While the potatoes are boiling chop up some celery..you decide how much you want if any amount at all but it is a good crunchy contrast.

*Hardboil some eggs..again.. up to you if you want it or not and how many.

*While the eggs are boiling fry up some Bacon. 6 slices. again up to you how much or how little(but this is one of  THE ingredients that make it Canadian:) )Thick cuts of smoked Maple are delicious. when it is cooked to how you like it, drain it,pat it dry removing as much grease as possible and once it has cooled down cut into bite size chunks instead of bits.chewy versus crispy is best.

*Once the eggs and potatoes are ready. let them cool off,even rinse with cold water.especially the potatoes.and the eggs are much easier to slice when cold after being in the fridge for a bit.:) but i am sure you knew that already:)

*When all the ingredients are prepared and good to go it’s best to put everything in one BIG Bowl because it’s about to get messy!

*Squirt some Hellman’s mayonnaise (no ifs ands or buts,there is NO other mayonnaise) and your favorite BBQ Sauce( I like Hickory smoked flavor) no brand in particular.. although Ted Reader’s Beerilicious BBQ Sauce is a kicker!

*Depending how spicy you like your food add a teaspoon or so of Chili Garlic Sauce.

* Add a teaspoon or so of Dijon Mustard.

*Wash your hands

*Now get in there and mix and swish it up!!

*Lick your fingers

*Put a lid on it / cover the bowl and let it sit in the fridge for at least an hour.

*Have a beer

*When it’s ready to devour be sure to share.

…….et Voila!!!.. your very own Canadian Girl Potato Salad!

Got a Canadian summer recipe you want to share?potato salad queen1


3 thoughts on “*Canadian Girl* Potato Salad-recipe

  1. Barbeque sauce? ! Who’d a thunk it! I will definitely try that next time I make a potato salad. You know it veers quite strongly from Ralph’s family’s recipe…..but that’s okay 😀 Thanks for sharing!

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