Hello 2013!

Well..it’s a new year..same me. better me.. I revamped and simplified. Now maybe I’ll get back to some personal blogging. 1minproject

What is this *The 1 Minute Project:Thank-you for Your Time”?

In 1968 Andy Warhol coined the expression ’15 minutes of fame’ saying “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”
With the advent of YouTube it now is 5 minutes.
With society’s online attention span at the 2 minute mark we also have the 2 minute elevator pitch and if you are  an actor you know about the 2 minute monologue.
I digress.
I was watching a film called KOYAANISQATSI (Life out of Balance) when THIS idea came to me.

For 1 minute, challenge yourself to look into a video camera or web camera and just look into it without talking,singing,humming or making funny faces.
and then…Post your video.

Click the above picture.It will take you to the facebook group where some people have already contributed.
We are all people watchers and voyeurs of sorts and I hope that this idea will spread around the world.
If the camera looks into the soul of a person then maybe for one minute we may get a glimpse of a fellow human being.


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