Causing Trouble

Sometimes I wonder “why do I bother?” Writing a blog can be so self absorbent ..and what makes it different from Dear diary? I love learning.I love new information.. I like to know what others are thinking.Why they are feeling the way they are. It’s a big world out there. with lots and lots of thoughts. It’s impossible to know everyone or everything( that drives me crazy) but it doesn’t stop me.It makes me a bottomless pit. Everyone is entitled to their perspective..that is what makes them who they are. And we must respect one another on this journey of ….

so what is it that I finally have the need to write today? to talk to myself.. and wonder will anyone ever read this?. will anyone really care, be inspired or be moved to send a response. I guess it’s all just a way to share a piece of one’s Self with those you don’t know. may never meet.. or to those who think they know you.who you are. and yet..because of social networks like facebook that I am still addicted to… i find myself being my own editor.. Some things I really want to say.. I wouldn’t say..none of my business.. or it may be taken the wrong way.. then I think wtf!? I know honey attracts flies and bees better than vinegar.. but I am more interested in having friends. ..people who call you on your shit. not project their shit. seems a rare thing to find these days.. especially in the web..If you don’t like what someone has said. or you disagree with their view-point. no problem.. you can delete them.. Out of sight. Out of mind. right? Wrong.
They are still there.They are still here. and sometimes just because you haven’t said it out loud doesn’t mean it hasn’t been ‘heard’ by the other party concerned.
As much as I am bitching about this.. I confess I am just as guilty.. No time for people who bring me down.. No time for people who smile in the name of their own agenda..
What is this all about? How many friends does one NEED? or is more important just to know that 2 thousand something people and counting know that YOU exist

It’s all about being remembered isn’t it? Who cares if they like you. They know your name. That’s enough,right?

Boing. boing .bounce bounce.. have we all become our own caricatures of our idealized Self?
I do like to mess with people’s perception. I am sure I can be just as gullible.More and more.. Online webs presence seems to be more important than in Person. in the flesh .. We are not just brains.. we are beings who need to be hugged.I love Skype!!! BUT You can’t do that online or in a video chat.
Anyways. as I try to reconcile myself with all of this I have found myself creating a web-media based project. I have a bare bones team right now charge of apps,web design, content and overall biz plan.. I still need to cast..get sponsors/advertisers and come up with something that everyone involved will win/benefit.. that it will be a site that becomes one that a certain kind of person will not, cannot live first I thought I would be one of the two personalities I am looking for but I think it better that I am producing.. I like to make things happen..I have been called a Firestarter recently.. suits me just fine.. Start it. make sure the fire is good and hot and embers burning. and then.. let it go.. to take a life of its own on.. I am excited and this whole process is testing my patience.. I see it.. but it is the working backwards to get back to the end vision that tests me.
So in the meantime.. I have also created a World event. SUDS                                                     (SkiPPing Up & Down the Street Day) July 31st..

Look for the link at the end of this post. There is madness to my methods. I am hoping to tie in this event with the ‘secret’ project. and launch it on the same day.. It will make sense:)

This is only February but my brain is on fire.and although it may look like in web land or in the real world that nothing is happening.. it is:)

I have taken PoLLy PoE! into the digital realm…and it is doing quite well…sales are happening.. but this is the year that I want a publishing deal.. I have ideas about this too.branding etc… just need to meet the right people who aren’t afraid of being unconventional.

Besides all this.. I have been getting my husband more involved with his talents and career and we have started up a side business of Voice Over demo reels.There are some interesting acting projects about to happen for him this year..and I can’t wait to spill the beans:)
My own beans.. I am signed on for an Indie project late Spring/early Summer to play Napolean..

i’ve come to realize I am more centered,focused and organized when I have lots on my plate. It may take longer to accomplish but eventually they will all get their time to shine…Energy goes where energy flows.. and they all feed one another..I am so glad I didn’t take that course back in October.. It’s not how I do things.I love learning.. But not in a classroom:)

ok.. here are some links

SUDS– July 31st 2011

Watch the Video here

Vocal Velocity ( Voice Over Demo Reels)

If anyone is out there. If anyone is listening.. Thank-you.

here’s a site that you might like.

look at mine. and get yourself one too

P.s on another note: wanting to be remembered IS A good thing…

Ms. Cayle Chernin ( RIP February 18th 2011)

Take a look at her site. She lives on in all who were lucky to know her.Myself,included

Her blogs are good too:)


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