Time has come to say it like it is

It’s been 2 weeks now.. I have been humming and hawing.percolating.and now it is time to spill my beans..
fermented beans. flatulence can be a cathartic thing;)

The course i was taking ( see last 2 blog posts) lasted 2 classes. first class was disappointing but I thought.. it’s only first class, give it a chance. I did.

first class… was an introduction to the course, topics we would be learning throughout the program, meet and discuss with fellow students business ideas etc..
that was all fine except when I found out that the majority of this so called Continuing Education class was filled with 20yr something students or younger who were only there as part of their course of an overall program. and for grades.. (really?! then I certainly, most definitely don’t want to play/work with you) < no names mentioned

AND they were not there already with an idea..ideas…unlike my Self

That is not why I was there.
I was there, I thought, to be among like-minded entrepreneurial spirits.. those who know guidelines.. but don’t know how to or care to play by the rules to a T.
Those who are forward thinking..independently thinking.. globally, consciously
I’ve met some awesome young people who have it going on and causing some good trouble in my travels.. but they were not in this class

Even the Professor was more about academia than innovation and original thought.. however. after 1st class.. I went again.. perhaps I would be wrong in my initial assessment.
I was not listening to my gut instinct..
but no..Gut proved correct.
2cnd class.. we watched a video about an "entrepreneur" from the late 70’s, early 80″s.. is it the Ryerson program or was the prof to blame about not being current and forward with today’s world?
anyways.. I know information is information.. it’s what you do with it..

In not so many words.. He gave me " a free consultation" as he put it.. asking me If I was coming back to this class because he didn’t want me wasting my money..
In hearing THAT..IT was CLEAR ..THIS was NOT WHERE I was to be.. WANT to be.. and I gather He didn't want me there either.. as He didn’t know what to do with me knowing I was not interested in being a part of a theoretical group …for grades.

at first, I was disappointed.. but then.. as per usual with the way things go in My Life.. I realized my " Fuck You!. was back and in full force..
That’s what I went back to school to learn!!!..

You don’t go to school to be an “Entrepreneur”
Either you ARE or you aren’t…

And “Entrepreneur” is overused,overrated and becoming redundant these days. it’s a new buzz word for?…… You tell me…..

I have been what I always have been.. ME.. and perhaps ..yes…I do..I do things my own way.. even if they are slow, backwards..or not the norm compared to the rest or the way it’s been done before.

I’m not interested in making the next consumer,pointless,consummable hit : ie: pet rock, chia pet,or now the new craze, Silly Bandz

For some reason, I needed to go back to school to figure that out.
to be told in a backhanded way..

I have perserverence, patience, fortitude,tenacity, and all those other adjectives that makes me obsessed:)

So, as it stands I only get back 75% of my tuition fee and when it is re-imbursed that money is going towards hiring appropriate people to make the projects go forward.
In the meantime, I am making ( a) business plans in order to seek more funding.

To you.. who have been enthusiastic,supportive and have given your aid monetarily or otherwise.. I Thank-YOU and Stay Tuned.


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