The Countdown

It’s September..ick..ack.. fack! Summer has been busy,busy and HOT HOT HOT ….just the way I love it.. Why is September such a sobering month?

Usually, I already get solemn about the onset of fall and the stupid allergies(ragweed) that comes with it… and winter…where I hibernate and only go out if I absolutely have to..however… this year,I’m changing my tune and will  keep myself busy that I don’t have time to cry and complain.

In one week I will be back to school!

Since I didn’t have the cashflow to do so,I got entrepreneurial and had myself a fundraiser of sorts. I put it out there and people responded.. and some very generously, some anonymously.

Others acquired a PoLLy PoE! cd of *5 SiLLy StOry-PoEm’s* and a few others I helped cleaning their house and/or yard.. It was well worth it! These past few weekends I even had a yard sale to top it off.

The course is a Small Business Venture program through Ryerson University once a week I will be sitting in class with like-minded people:)networking in person is still the Only way:)

I’m excited.I’m nervous.. but more than anything I am grateful to those who recognized my chutzpah..It is from here on that I will be accountable to you via this blog about my studies and  my progress. I have ideas!

This  course will help me put them into action..because truth be told I lack skills when it comes to ‘business’..

In the spirit of big brains and preparing,I’ve been reading up on Richard Branson, Donald Trump and even following Gene Simmons…yes, THE Gene Simmons of KISS:)

I’m still doing the acting gigs and v/o stuff too but it’s time to put more on my plate.. I like to eat.. eat up life… and regurgitate:)

My first project going into class will be the branding of PoLLy PoE! I said, I have ideas!

It is very true.. I have seen it in action.. I’ve seen the manifestation.

“Where there is a will,there is a way.” ..

What to wear on my first day of school?! LOL

I’ll think about that after the KISS concert… 2 more sleeps!


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