Pulling my own teeth

ugh.. Forcing. my.self. to. write.

Lots has gone on.lots is going on. lots is to come.

What finally brought me to do so?

I am watching A&E with Seamus O’Reagan interviewing Des McAnuff , am gushing about his way, his process, his perspectives, his philosophies towards the arts, acting, directing and the theatre..reminding me of my first Fringe Festival gone sour.

I was in rehearsals for 2 months doing a kids show, playing the role of an evil mother,channeling Ross Petty:) but as we got closer to opening night..going to rehearsals were becoming a chore, snore and a bore…but I forged onward as I believe in seeing things through until the end.. even when it is growing sour…However,after opening night…once the young,diva,overwrought ego of a director verbally puked all over her cast.. I had to put things into perspective and realize it wasn’t worth the lack of fun.. it was supposed to be kids show!..

Without going into name dropping details.. let’s just say.. 4 of the 6 of us actors were in solidarity and quit…so sad..too bad.. Eye magazine came out to review and just I had anticipated..a not so good review.. although I did:) Phew! for what it’s worth


This is a straight-forward adaptation of a little-known Grimm’s fairytale. There’s a reason you’ve never heard of the fairytale, and unfortunately the director’s  adaptation does little to breathe life into the original story. Still, Dawna Wright as Mother and Dominique Roy as the Elf  give particularly strong performances, making the most of stilted lines and a meandering plot. All in all, it’s a predictable Cinderella-type tale that’s lacking in the requisite charm and enchantment of such tales. At just over 30 minutes, it still feels long.

No time was lost as I now had a free schedule and my agent had me meet with a top animation casting director..which lead to do doing a workshop with her and now she also has my PoLLy PoE! Cd  in her hands:)

I was also in the midst of organizing a Q&A about the voice over industry with Lawrence Bayne which went well. My efforts paid off 🙂

I’ve also decided to go back to school in September to take an Entrepreneurial Business course and really go forward with my children’s writing.

This week.. being only Wednesday.. I’ve had 3 auditions.(commercial). have landed one so far.. shoot tomorrow and Friday…

ok.. that’s the ketchup for now.. Really don’t feel like pulling my own teeth at the moment.

There is other stuff in the works but I am not at liberty to speak of it.

In fact, I think it’s better to DO first.. then talk:)

My latest guilty TV pleasure? Gene Simmons Family Jewels..That man is a straight ahead genius! and KISS is coming in September.. I wanna go!


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