Will you save me from Reality TV?

Do you have an open mind? a big heart? Are you a risk taker?..do you get a kick out of helping others? or are you just plain nuts?! 🙂

Ok.. here it goes.. come with me on this one:)

Finally, at the age of 41 yrs ..I am ready.I want to go back to school in September (Ryerson University) for a 3 month course/program (New Venture Start Up-
The course is $ 514.00 for 42 weeks.@ 1 day/3 hours a week

“This course is designed primarily for non-business students who are interested in starting a business of their own. Topics included assessing entrepreneurial potential, opportunity identification, market assessment, organizing, promoting, and financing the business, intellectual property, buying an existing business or considering a franchise. Students will be expected to work on developing a business plan.”

Registration has begun..however my funds are in the red.. gotta love overdraft:) eeek! and the credit card is maxed.. whose isn’t these days?!
So…. this is where you come in and where we can be of help to each other:)

I’m reaching out in true Entrepreneurial spirit to have the village of the web help contribute to my studies while using this method as one of my 3 developing business plans/projects for the course/class itself.

This is what I have in mind….
When you contribute ….

$1 gets you a big gratitude hug next time I see you.

$20 gets you a personalized, signed and mailed CD of 5 SiLLy StOrY-PoEm’S by me, PoLLy PoE!

$50 gets you 2hrs of my time..

-need errands run? housework? a babysitter?, dogwalker/sitter? or maybe you need help gardening, painting or help in the office (organizing,reception etc)
(This applies to those living in the GTA)..Toronto,Ontario Canada

Note: this offer strictly does not include nudity or sexual favors of any kind)

$100 gets you all of the above!

Whichever amount you decide to contribute,You will be acknowledged unless you’d rather be anonymous:) and will also be kept up to date via my blog.

What do you think?
Am I nuts? Are you nuts?

If you want to help out a budding entrepreneur all you have to do is click here!

Thank-you for your time,
Dawna Marie Wright


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