This is NOT about Justin Bieber

..sheesh.. I’ve been so busy..(no complaints) and realized I haven’t checked in to speak..

Walking silently w/a big stick is my way..don’t talk .just do.. then talk:)

I have come to learn  a love for planning…setting goals and following them through.That in itself is a huge breakthrough for me who loves to live for the NOW.

I have met with some people that are now on board to help forward my children’s writing..PoLLy PoE! w/a Business plan..branding.. SEO and web 2.0 far so good. .I am getting orders for my e-book!

I am currently in rehearsals for a children’s play, an adaptation of Grimm’s FairyTales( One Eye,Two Eyes,Three Eyes) is part of the FringeKids here in Toronto. I am very much looking forward to being a ‘wicked’ mother.(think Red Queen)… another role to add to my ‘Evil”  resume;)

This past week..I went into the studio and recorded a voice demo! finally!..I really do love being in a booth wearing nothing but headphones w/a microphone in my face…ok,maybe I’m being  a little sassy. When I did it, i was wearing clothes.. but I did  it barefeet:)

Voice Over work never gets the recognition as it should.. like music scoring for films/tv/commercials.. but that’s what I like to in a studio with headphones and hearing myself back in my ears…. not caring what I look like..but caring what it sounds like..Yes, i am an actress..but also a Catalyst:)

It’s not what you say.. but how you say it.

so, on that note.. I have also been organizing/producing a Q &A about the Voice Over Industry with someone who has been a veteran of the specialized biz for over 20yrs.

which brings me back to planning. I am finally figuring it out!..have intention.make a date..and see it the process of all that.. be patient and give it some time.. I am seeing results especially when I allot time to work on it every day..and not just for this. but in every thing I do. I have gone deeper into the multi-tasking matrix:)

Next week I go into the studio to record a few  PoLLy PoE! Silly Story-Poems in order to make cd’s and sell them during the run of the children’s play along with hard copies of the e-book

and now to toot another horn..

Lawrence Bayne

this is the Voice veteran that i am organizing the Q&A for.

are you on facebook?

Q&A about the V/O Industry-In Toronto

He is a ‘buzz’ right now as the film, in which he plays a somewhat ‘sensitive’ Guard(Officer Goodyear) in ‘DogPound’ directed by Kim Chapiron, is doing the festival circuit ( won a Tribeca Film Festival Award)  and will be wide released in June.

Just goes to show ya. show me.. you CAN do it ALL!..

I am a dreamer…and so much more:)


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