NYC Showbiz Expo 2010.. what a crock!

I am back home in Toronto after a 36 hr whirlwind trip to Manhattan.. there and back.. After waking up at 8:30 Saturday morning..then stealing away at 1:30 am Sunday morning we hit the road going through the Catskills.. <that was beautiful!!… I can only imagine how colorful it would be in the fall…We arrived in Manhattan at our hotel ( Hilton) around 12 noon deliriously sleep deprived. After somewhat settling in and refreshing ourselves we made our way to the expo which was in the hotel.

I didn’t have any expectations other than to see what all the fuss was about..There were seminars, auditions etc..and the trade show aspect as well…that in itself was the crock. Vendors from acting studios, photographers to make up companies and yes.. even Cirque de Soleil was there.

There was an area called “Headshot Alley” where headshots and resumes were lined up in a row..along with a comment box beside them..

On the opposite aisle .. message boards such as ‘Classifieds’ and ‘For Sale’

Ok.. lied.. I did go with expectations.. I expected to meet directors, makers…but really.. the majority of what I saw was hopeful neophytes..Silly me.. why did I think directors, producers and filmmakers would be there? .. my optimism eludes me sometimes and this was one of those times. However, it has given me ideas how to make money from unsuspecting dreamers.. lol

After doing the once around.. we were itchy to get out of there so on my way out I handed my badge/pass to a woman waiting in line to get in.

I must say there was one company that I  found of interest and I think people who are on the production side of business will appreciate this.

So with that being said….. we went back to our hotel room, ordered a bottle of red, filet mignon and cheesecake and crashed by 6:30 pm.. woke up at 6:30 am Monday and headed back to Toronto.. .

It’s been awhile since I had last been to NYC..and it is ALIVE as ever…next time I go it won’t be because of a ‘Showbiz Expo’


2 thoughts on “NYC Showbiz Expo 2010.. what a crock!

  1. Hello Dawn, that’s too bad. We’ve (Holdon Log, The Standard in Performer Organizational Tools been exhibitors & guest speakers at both the LA and NYC events since the beginning. We’ve met talented actors not just “wannas bees” (which hey you gotta researching and getting information somewhere. This is a relationship business so face-to-face is smart) , above and below the liners, etc. In fact we’ll be in LA for the 2 days show next month. Our company offers services to the entire Entertainment Industry ( and in fact free webinars you can do anytime
    I’d like to share this link with you for your readers on better networking tips:
    as I personally booked 3 gigs from networking at the last Show Biz Expo (paying gigs) and have added several key players to my personal database. So I took the ops to network on behalf of my company and on behalf of my acting.
    I hope you’ll check out the article, our site and join in on a webinar. There’s a lot we cover that you and your business can benefit from.


    Kristina Hughes, President
    Holdon Log
    P.O. Box 36862
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

    Proudly Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary in 2010!

    Holdon Log “The Standard in Performer Organizational Tools”

    PerformerTrack Webware ~ “Simplifying the Business of Show”

    Follow us:

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  2. Hi Kristina.. A pleasure to meet you and I appreciate your taking the time and having the balls to comment:)

    I think the expo works great for businesses that have products and/or services to sell….such as yours.. As an actor.. well .. I fare better being in the mix rather than at the mix.. 😉

    The Expo is similar to what my Acting Union (ACTRA) does here in Toronto. twice a year.. seminars.. workshops with CD’s and directors etc.. as a member we don’t pay.. it’s all free and it is advertising free:)

    Overall, I think the organizers putting the Showbiz Expo on have found a way to make a healthy, endless income from both sides

    Thanks for the link.. will check it out further and add your reply to my blog..

    All the best,
    and may you have your cake and eat it too:)

    Dawna Marie

    p.s ..out of curiosity.. how did you come across my blog?

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