138 Arlington–good news and more good news!

What a crazy month of February it has been.. I am back online and slowly getting back all the data I lost when my computer died.. I lost Everything! even though I thought I backed it up on an external brain.. I didn’t … do it correctly. arrrgh!

So, I was without computer for a week or so until my husband couldn’t take it anymore sharing his computer as I checked FB and hotmail.. so he bought me a new one

So.. now here I am 🙂

since I lost all my writing.. and final draft program.. I have been re-writing.. yet again.. to get it back to computer..I did some small bit parts.. on one Resident Evil..as an albino human being scanned..or something like that… and lucky me it was the last day of filming ..was in and out in an hour and a half and also caught the set sale…

Just last week.. another bit part on Saw VII..playing a bar flusie. that was fun:)

The best news however, is the independent short where I play a Nurse Ratchett type…(Head of the Dept…Nurse Davenport).. just got word from the producer that it will be showing in the following places:

Soul 4 Reel Film Festival

March 12th-14th   -Forestville, MD

for more info join the FB fan page


Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival

March 26th – April 1st     -Los Angeles, CA


Buffalo Niagara Film Festival

April 16th – 25      –  Buffalo, NY


138 Arlington

Director : Meagan Hoecke

Producer: Claire Baille


The year is 1970 and while the outside world is drastically changing, in a Baltimore psychiatric institution a young Greenlandic woman has come forward with allegations of abuse. But not only is she crazy; she’s also half Inuit. And nobody believes a crazy Indian. Even when Anne’s bruises are plainly visible to the entire ward, the nurses look the other way. She did it to herself, they say. But fellow patient Bridgette Leven knows better… 138 Arlington recounts the story of two courageous women who begin as victims and who, through their determination and audacity, become survivors.

And.. I , myself, am very excited for my husband (Lawrence Bayne) for a film he did that will be in theatres  May/June 2010. *Dog Pound* directed by Kim Chapiron


which is also showing at the Tribeca Film Festival, founded by Robert De Niro, in April


..it smells like Spring. …


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