The Coldest Day of the Year and I’m Sick…BUT

….….It’s not so bad.. I’ve been down and out for the past 4 days with a cold that has now gone to my chest.. as it always does.. Gingerale, vitamin C, Cold fx.. home made soup. And sleep.. What more can  I do?.. The good thing about being sick .is  it slows ya down take stock, reflect and.. finally do some writing that you  have been putting off for much too long. There is nothing worse than a lazy writer.. hey…Who said that?! Some people just have to write.. it keeps them sane.. so to speak… It’s been such a long time since the last time I sat down and wrote I am embarrassed to say when that was.

Anyways… . as everything else in the world goes.. ebb and flow.. and out. .et cetera cetera.

 It seems I have been brewing, percolating breathing in, living life as though the world is was going to end…. or I had only months to live……and now that I am housebound.. the fingers are doing the walking ..doing the talking.. ..wasn’t that a Yellow Pages ad campaign way back when?

 January 2010..Mother Nature is on the brink of Menopause.. Haiti., pedestrian/car accidents. Places around the globe getting extreme and opposite weather of what is ‘normal’….It’s been an interesting month to hibernate and observe…But all the goes on.. and always will…with or without you.. whether you participate or not..

So.. here I am.. as I said.. housebound…. And I am reveling in talking with my SelfJ

The usual FaceBook.. have fallen off my list of ways to stay connected. I have found it again. The REAL thing.. .Writing.. It seems to be much more interesting inside my head than anything on the web or anything that is on tv.. Ok.. I admit.. there are a few guilty pleasures.. ie: House..Family Guy,Law & Order,  Law & Order SVU.. even  re-runs of M..A.S.H

 So .. in the past four days I have revisited 4 scripts sitting in my files and gave them re-writes.. a good way to get the juices flowing again.. and now I am gushing  with a new script..

 The babies are out of the crib…let the adventures begin.


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