Halfway thru ..and it’s been….

…. a wonderful whirlwind.   An update from the director… about the short film…” ‘138 Arlington’ screened at the Baltimore Women’s Film Festival about two weeks ago and the response was really positive, the audience loved the film and were really impressed with the performances! “< so , that is good to hear.. I like to know that projects I have worked on are growing some legs and being flogged in public, so to speak:)

I’ve had some good auditions.. callbacks.. which equals some $:) and even a voice audition for a radio ad a few days ago. I love those! more of those please!.. I love picking it up off the paper, being in the studio with microphone and headphones and taking direction..and it was for one of the major voice casting agents in the city.. a first for me..so  here’s to having more!

I looked into getting a grant towards my children’s story project.. boy, is that a long and red tape road.I won’t get into it here or now but I wish I had thousands of dollars .. I’d do it myself….even start my own publishing company… hmmmm..why not?!

On the flip side.. today,I’m off to go play as “Blue Angel-Poetess” in a music video for a local musician/poet.

..yes, I also write and in the past..have performed .erotica.

here’s a taste: www.myspace.com/blueangelpoetess


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