Catching up w/MySelf

It’s a cold ,rainy October day here in Toronto,Canada.In other words ….a great day to stay in, hibernate and catch up here while I make some home-made “best soup ever”

Since last post….the “Schmingling” social networking silent auction fundraiser I produced back in August was a success raising money for WarChild while bringing together new and old friends. In hindsight, it was a 6wk lead up to the event and a 2wk wrap up..Next time, I am bringing people on board to help out!..

Since then, I have been back to focusing on acting.. I’ve had quite a few auditions.mostly commercial.. some call backs too. It’s only a matter of time and odds;)

 A short film I did ‘ 138 Arlington” directed by Meagan Hoecke, has been doing some short film festival circuits as well as being accepted into Air Canada’s Enroute Film Festival. So not only will it be showing at the Scotiabank theatre at the festival, but it will also be shown on Air Canada flights for two months! Hopefully this is just the beginning 🙂

Another Short I did with a fellow Actra member through the TIP program is in post production right now…so when that is in my hands it will be time to update my reel.

and another short,”Cigarettes”  again, waiting on receiving a copy.
I recently had new headshots done.. so we’ll see how the response is in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile..always hunting for income…next week I have a painting job at a nightclub in preparation for their Hallowe’en night.. Hallowe’en is probably, it is.. my favorite holiday of the year.. and I love wearing my coveralls!

Gotta go and check on the soup!


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