It’s been a month since last post.What’s new?
Well, I have had a couple auditions..for tv shows…new casting directors, so that is a good thing:) however ..did not book.
just when ,yet again, I say that’s’s over.I’m done with the acting biz.. I get two auditions in one day.go figure

then a copy of a short (138 Arlington) playing a Nurse Ratched type..I did back in the winter arrives in my mailbox. I watch it. I cry. Reminded of why I love acting.. it’s about the writing, the story-telling and dammit.. just great film making overall.. Apparently, the scoop is . that it will be playing on an airplane. or something like that..

A couple of weekends ago I did a short film playing a controlling wife trying to get her husband to stop smoking..I seem to get cast as ………(_________________________) you fill in the blank:)

It’s all good. I don’t mind.

My mission these past 3weeks has been organizing a fundraiser.. and I am in full tilt.Doing it all myself.Having much fun approaching /meeting people and acquiring donations for the silent auction.And as of yesterday, I met a producer of a tv show and magazine that is interested in doing an article about it all. That’s exciting! Will keep you posted:)

It all started because I am connected to way too many social websites and would rather see people in person. face to face.
Also, it’s about re-inventing myself ..there’s more to life than just being an actor:)

Here is more info
Monday, August 24, 2009
Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Street: 589 King St W @ Portland St
City/Town: Toronto, ON

*Under One Umbrella*
~ A Schmingle Event ~
An evening to get you out of the house,Away from the computer,
To meet real “live” people… in the flesh, face to face..

In today’s social online networking matrix we get so caught up in online, so-called relationships where we are on our blackberries,iphones,laptops,home computers…only wearing our underwear or better yet ..naked in front of the computer….that we perhaps get too comfortable?, too introverted?, too much in our own heads? ,addicted to the invisible matrix.?.. that perhaps we’ve just become too darn lazy to make the time to actually spend time.. in person?…the real thing!..
..I admit…to most of the above;)

So…I thought it was high time to bring them all together and the people in them, all

“Under ONE Umbrella”…

Foremost, it is an evening of mixing and mingling…meeting new people, re-connecting with friends and acquaintances, meet potential clients…maybe even begin new friendships..or love interests;)…. in person.. face to face:)
I, myself, am connected to half a dozen social websites ( ie: Facebook, Linked In, Plaxo,Twitter) and still, I would rather have a reason to connect in person.I’ll say it again.. In person!..face to face.. Eye to Eye. Smile to Smile.

I much prefer it!

Not only is this event about bringing people together to socialize and network but at the same time to raise funds and awareness for a worthwhile and hardworking cause. (why not!)

I am organizing a social networking/fundraiser event in support of
as my inaugural choice of charity for more social networking events to follow.

b/c Lou Dawgs has generously donated their space, staff and musicians

it’s ONLY $10 @ the Door

So come thirsty, come hungry for some Southern hospitality!.

It’s a cash/credit card bar and they have food!. Be sure to visit their website!

All monies collected at the door as well as monies from the silent auction items will be given to

and there are some pretty neat items so far!

ie: An excursion through the Toronto Islands and Inner Harbour on a private sailboat for up to 4 ppl w/your very own Capt!

So come on out!…. this a child friendly event:)..if ya got em.. bring em! and this is a schmooze-free gathering ….however,
Don’t be shy to Schmingle!
Mix and Mingle
And do it for the love of a good cause!
Why Not?!
Under ONE Umbrella


One thought on “Catsup

  1. Your event sounds like fun! I am so guilty of that behavior as well. Alas, the commute from Dallas would kill my little Mercedes! (I’m restoring a 99 SKL 230) But if you’re ever in the Dallas area dinner is on me! Have fun.

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